Filter bags made of polyester needle felt with microfibers  are used in processes that require high filtration efficiency as well as high air permeability.

Microfibers are fibers of a size much smaller than the standard fiber dimension. Diameter of 0.9 dtex (compared to the regular 3.3 dtex) in combination with a special needling method results in a needle felt with impressive properties:

  • higher air permeability
  • lesser pressure drop
  • higher filtration efficiency (less residual dust)
  • longer service life (bags will not clog)
  • energy efficiency (less energy needed to operate the filter, e.g. due to longer cycles of regeneration).

Filter bags made from this filter media are an excellent solution for an optimization of your filtration process that have so far employed regular polyester needle felts.

This needle felt is available in:

  • weights of 380-600 g/m2
  • water and oil repellent finish
  • antistatic finish
  • antistatic, oil and water repellent finish

​Applicable in the following industrial sectors:

  • Cement industry

  • steel industry

  • foundry industry

  • aluminum industry

  • food industry