The industrial filtration based on filter bags would not exist without needle felts. The manufacture of needle felt is faster and cheaper than that of fabrics. Needle felts ensure high filtration efficiency while maintaining high air permeability, which is why they are well suited for use in dedusting systems with compressed air regeneration.

Needle felts

Dostępne obróbki i typy materiałowe
Termiczna i chemiczna odporność materiałów filtracyjnych

Filter mats

Filter mats are a kind of needle felt commonly used in ventilation systems.

Filter mats can be divided by filter classes:

  • G2 – area weight 100g/m2, white
  • G3 – area weight 130g/m2, white
  • G3 – area weight 190g/m2, white
  • G3 – area weight 190g/m2, white-blue
  • G4 – area weight 220g/m2, white
  • F5 – area weight 300g/m2, white with Glazer surface
  • F5 – area weight 600g/m2, white with supporting mesh

Filter mats can be applied for pre-filtration processes. Characteristic is their high air permeability. They are also used for the manufacturing of untypical filter elements, where it is important to protect the surface of the filter while avoiding accumulation of air flow resistances.