Pocket filters and filter cells are used, for example, in air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Their task is to stop dust particles before they enter the work area.

Air filters are divided as follows:

  • coarse filters (filter classes G2, G3 and G4)
  • medium filters (filter classes M5 and M6)
  • exact filters (filter classes F7, F8 and F9)wstępne (klasy filtracji G2,G3 i G4)

Filter cells (filter cassettes) are divided as follows:

  • pleated in pregalvanized steel frame – pleated filter medium protected by a steel mesh. Commonly used for pre-filtration processes to stop the largest particles. They represent the filter classes G3 and G4.
  • pleated in cardboard frame –heat-treated pleats. They represent the filter classes G4, F5, F7. Commonly used as the first equipment of the air handling unit.  
  • flat – in pre-galvanized steel frame protected by steel mesh. Commonly used in course filtration where high filtration efficiency is not required.
  • flat – in cardboard frame

Pocket filters – used for the first filtration stage in offices, production units, hospitals or hotels. Usually contained in 20 or 25 mm metal frames. They can also be produced in a plastic frame, completely recyclable. Filter classes determine the filtration efficiency.