Filter bags made of polyester needle felt with polyurethane membrane have a very high filtration efficiency and protect the material from sticky and very moist dusts.

The polyurethane membrane is placed on the dust side of the filter media. Thanks to the reduction of the pores by approx. 50% in relation to a conventional 550 g/m2 needle-felt, very fine dusts are also stopped. This allows the residual dust content to be reduced to 1-3 mg/m3.

The surface of this filter media is smooth and slippery, which ensures effective regeneration of the bags in oily and moist working conditions.

This filter media is BIA / IFA certified category "M", which means that it provides a safe working environment for people exposed to the influence of dust emitted.

Also available in an antistatic version.

Applicable mainly in the following industrial sectors:

  • Cement industry

  • lime industry

  • pharmaceutical industry

  • food industry

  • chemical industry

  • wood industry