Włókniny i tkaniny filtracyjneNeedle felts for filtration

The industrial filtration based on filter bags would not exist without needle felts. The manufacture of needle felt is faster and cheaper than that of fabrics. Needle felts ensure high filtration efficiency while maintaining high air permeability, which is why they are well suited for use in dedusting systems with compressed air regeneration.

Fabrics for filtration

Fabrics are used when filtration process should take place on the surface of the material. The warp threads and the weft threads of monofilament or multifilament fabrics do not allow deep filtration, which is the case of needle felts. The dust remains then only on material’s surface. Fabrics are used when regenerating of filter bags is mechanical,  vibrational or  gravitational.

Which filter media?

Selection of a suitable filter media is a prerequisite for effective filtration.

Our dedusting experts will help you choose an appropriate filter medium.


Choosing a filter medium

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