Gwarant-Eko GEKO FILTRATION offers a wide range of services delivered by its staff:

  • filter bag exchange
  • disassembly, assembly or replacement of supporting cages
  • cleaning of the „clean“ chamber of your dedusting system
  • replacement of the filter flap seals
  • testing the tightness of your dedusting system
  • recycling of used filter bags
  • advice on and problem-solving for your dedusting system
  • advice on selection of material and of an optimal filter ratio

As manufacturer of filter bags, we know  well the best methods of their design and installation. When a client of our company you run no risk that the filter chamber can be poorly sealed. This will result in correct functioning of your dedusting system.

Our professional staff will comprehensively and seamlessly carry you through the process of maintaining your dedusting system in an optimal and efficient condition.