Filter bags made of polyester needle felt with oil and water repellent finish are characterized by high efficiency in high humidity working conditions.
If the dust is wet or the dedusting system is outdoors, it is important to protect the filter bag from moisture.
Moist dust can lead to a so-called sticky dust cake, which settles on the filter bags surface and thus reduces air permeability and makes the regeneration more difficult.

The oil and water repellency is obtained by impregnating the filter media with a special resin.
The material gets a full resin bath during production process. It is dried and thermally stabilized so that the impregnation is permanently bonded to the filter media.

Oil and water repellent filter media are more effective than regular needle felts.
This finish makes  the material anti-adhesive, the dust sticks less to the surface and the fiber degradation takes place slowly. This prolongs the service life of the bags, while the power consumption drops during cleaning.

Applicable in the following industrial sectors:

  • Cement industry
  • ceramic industry
  • wood industry
  • lime industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • grain industry
  • chemical industry
  • fertilizers industry