Filter bags made of polyester needle felt with microporous PTFE membrane guarantee  very high filtration efficiency.

The PTFE membrane (on the  dust side of the bag) stops the smallest particles thanks to its microporous structure. This allows the fine dust emissions to be reduced even to 1mg /m3.
The membrane significantly lowers the air permeability, which is why the filter ratio should be lower than the one for conventional needle felts.
The advantage is that filter bags mad of this needle-felt clog much slower, resulting in a lower pressure loss. Compressed air cleaning (pulse-jet) takes place less frequently and with less pressure, which leads to substantial savings.

The surface of the filter media with PTFE membrane is smooth, hence the dust falls off more easily. The PTFE also provides better resistance to acids, alkalis and moisture which may have a destructive effect on regular filter media in some filtration processes.

This filter media is BIA/IFA category „M” certified. It is also available in an antistatic version.

Applicable in the following industrial sectors:

  • Cement industry
  • power industry
  • lime industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food industry
  • chemical industry
  • wood industry