Filter bags made of PPS needle felt are intended for exhaust gas extraction. It is one of most effective and popular needle felts used at working temperatures of 160 to 190°C.

Most efficient is the filter media weight of 550 g/m2. The oil and water repellent finish makes it easy to regenerate and protect the bags from moisture that may occur when the system is outdoors or when it is often switched off. The solid resin bath strengthens, depending on the PTFE concentration, the chemical resistance of the filter media.

PPS is a filter media which has a low resistance to oxidation. Each time before choosing this material , check the level of Oin which the bags will have to work. A high concentration of NO2 in the exhaust gas, may also bring undesirable effects.

Applicable mainly in the following:

  • energy industry
  • heating industry
  • desulphurization plants