PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) needle felt is used in a dry industrial filtration in chemically aggressive environment where the temperature does not exceed 200°C. Maximum working temperature of this material is 190°C. When using this needle felt, it is important to know the exact composition of the exhaust gases, especially oxygen O2 as well as nitrogen oxides (NOx, NO2). It is a very good filter media for the filtration of exhaust gases when the nitrogen oxide content (in mg/Nm3) and the oxygen content (in %) do not exceed  permissible values.

It is one of the most popular filter media used in exhaust gas filtration since its thermal resistance corresponds to the most common temperatures in this filtration process.

Applicable mainly in the following:

  • Power plants
  • Heating industry
  • Desulfurization plants
  • Chemically aggressive environments


Versions and Finishes:

  • oil and water repellent PTFE-based
  • with PTFE membrane
  • fire retardant
  • with microfibers
  • antistatic
  • spark-blocking
  • abrasion-resistant


  •  400 – 600 g/m2


  • heat-set
  • calandered

Odporność termiczna:

  • Continuous:
160 – 180 °C
  • Peaks:
190 – 200 °C

Chemical resistance:

  • Weak acids:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • Strong acids:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • Solvents:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • Weak alkalis:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • Strong alkalis:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • Hydrolysis:
ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • Oxidizing:
Scale: ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ – excellent, ↄ ↄ ↄ – good, ↄ ↄ – fair, ↄ – poor