PTFE needle felt (Teflon ®) is used in dry industrial filtration in chemically aggressive environments where the temperature reaches 280 °C. Highly resistant to any chemical mixtures in exhaust gases.

Applicable in the following industrial sectors:

  • cement industry
  • asphalt production plants
  • metal industry
  • garbage and waste management industry
  • Manufacture of boilers and tanks
  • refinery industry
  • energy industry


Versions and Finishes:

  • oil and water repellent PTFE-based
  • with PTFE membrane
  • white fibers
  • brown fibers
  • spark blocking

Area weight:

  •  600 – 830 g/m2


  • heat-set

Operating temperature:

  • continuous:
260 °C
  • incremental:
280 °C

Chemical resistance:

  • weak acids:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • strong acids:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • solvents:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • weak alkalis:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • strong alkalis:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • hydrolysis:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
  • oxidizing:
ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ
Resistance scale: ↄ ↄ ↄ ↄ – excellent, ↄ ↄ ↄ – good, ↄ ↄ – fair, ↄ – poor