Filter bags made from PAN needle felt (Polyacrylonitrile) with impregnation against moisture, are a solution for situations where there is a risk of steam entering the mixture of air and dust.

Often when drying products such as aggregates, gypsum, lime powder, etc. the filtration process takes place at the dew point boundary or the filtered medium is moist.  To protect the bag surface from getting clogged, a moisture-repellent material should be used. The oil and water repellent finish facilitates the regenerating process of the filter bags and protects the felt from dust cake.

This finish prolongs the life of the bags while maintaining their effectiveness.

Applicable in the following industrial sectors:

  • Cement industry
  • road construction
  • gypsum industry
  • lime industry
  • energy industry
  • heating industry
  • chemical industry
  • fertilizers industry