Filter bags made of Aramide needle felt (meta-Aramide, also known as “Nomex”) are intended for a working environment where the polyester temperature resistance is not sufficient. If in the filtration process  there is a chance of exceeding a constant operating temperature of 140-150oC, then the choice of meta-Aramide felt should be considered.

Due to its limited resistance to acids and alkalis this material is not recommend for filtering exhaust gases.

The oil and water repellent finish protects the bags from moisture so that the surface of the material is susceptible to regeneration. This reduces the risk of clogging, and the effective lifetime of the bags becomes longer.

The surface finishes for our Aramids are always PTFE-based, which protects the felt against degrading influences of acids, alkalis and hydrolysis. The surface of our Aramide bags is smoother than that of those from other providers.

Applicable in the following industrial sectors:

  • gypsum industry
  • ceramics industry
  • foundry and metal industry
  • Cement industry
  • asphalt production
  • Drying units
  • Biomass combustion plants
  • production of construction chemicals