Filter bags made of glass fabric with PTFE membrane are used in filtration processes where the working temperature can reach 260-280°C.

Glass fabric with PTFE membrane is generally used for dedusting of fumes filtration (boilers in power plants). This material has properties similar to those of needle felts made of 100% PTFE, but it  is much more cost-effective. Note, however, that this fabric requires special components, as well as compliance with strict standards of usage. These include:

  • Supporting cages made of suitable steel
  • proper number of longitudinal wires in supporting cages
  • low filtration speed (filter ratio)
  • proper pressure and regeneration cycles
  • careful installation of bags with special mounting flanges (provided)
  • proper storage of bags prior to installation
  • maintaining a correct diameter ratio between supporting cage and bag
  • additional reinforcements on the bag to prevent abrasions

Thanks to the microporous PTFE membrane, this fabric has a very high filtration efficiency.

​Applicable mainly in the following:

  • cement industry
  • energy industry
  • heating industry